Tha Pagnol Story- Chapter 5, a lot with so little and revamping time.

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Around the start of June in 2014, Pagnol was open for biz taking pre orders, but being featured on Bike Exif’s new and noted moto gear a few days later was what officially launched the brand, next to established gear brands and the article reading:

It takes a brave man to launch a new motorcycle apparel brand, but US-based Paulo Rosas is that man.

As you may or may not know it, Pagnol has been a smaller than it looks on the outside, self funded startup, I would’t say that I was 100% aware and “brave” for what I was getting into! The roller coaster life of an entrepreneur, but I would’t change a thing, Pagnol has achieved so much with so little as a brand, from its marketing to its signature styles based products line and successfully being THE only moto gear brand 100% direct to consumer worldwide, making possible to provide our affordable quality.

Unfortunately, or, fortunately? depending on how one chooses to see things as with many life situations, that initial “so little” could only get the brand so far, further than anyone could imagine! But its potential has run out.

Is Pagnol going out of biz then? To be 100% clear..NO WAY! I am 52, if I make it to 90 and die then, I only have 38 more years on this earth! and how many of those do I want to still work? 10, 15, 20? say 15 (Loving what I do :), that’s not little but not a lot! so in that time, I am here to tell you, there is nothing I rather be doing than Pagnol and , my design and marketing studio for motorsports.

On the other hand, I have built a proven great brand with legit value to now be in talks with potential investors to not just keep the brand going but to take it to a much higher level, a brand unlike anything ever seen before, and not just for moto but to continue the expansion in the auto-sportscars-fashion markets.

Our signature styles will have a few significant updates, (Wait till you see a major innovation for our moto jackets :) some new and needed styles will come out, the auto-fashion collection will be unlike anything that world has seen, our cool collaborations with creatives, engineers, entrepreneurs in both moto and auto will continue and get to new heights, our website experience will be completely revamped and improved, our international sales experience as well, with established operations in key international areas, and our marketing will not just be to “sell our products” but will be done in a way more interesting and meaningful way to present the value I aim to bring to your and Pagnol lives as a company.

“The time for thoughtless designs for thoughtless consumption is over” Dieter Rams

We CAN choose how we see most situations, I am seeing this as an opportunity to take a small step back and having the complete time to “design” the revamping and upgrading of the brand, as opposed to the harder “do it as the biz goes on” way.

Most or possibly ALL brands never show or tell you about “their struggles”, even the nature of social media! But I am choosing to do so not just to keep you in the loop and stay connected, but due to the main goal of the previous Pagnol story chapters 1 2 3 4 , in hopes to inspire your own endeavors as I was and continued to be inspired by others.

Thank you for being a part of Pagnol’s journey and culture, Let’s keep going!

Paulo Rosas


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