Modern board tracker x Pagnol on Bike Exif

Nike bike 167.jpg

Recently I had the great honor of connecting at the Quail Moto Gathering with former GM auto designer Niki Smart from to do a photo shoot of his stunning and double QMG award winner, a modern Honda board tracker featured today on

Initially I suggested going to a modern day bicycles velodrome, but that turned out to be very difficult to impossible due to their regulations. Instead, we decided something more epic that could also "show the bike at speed", so we talked about the Mojave desert in SoCal and my concern of that being a bit cliche? But once I saw the modern carbon bike there with that big sky, asphalt and desert background, I knew it was going to come out anything but cliche.

We found a stretch of road that basically led nowhere, it was empty for hours and hours! This allowed to shoot from multiple angles and with different times of the closing day light.

This was also a great cross promoting opportunity for my brand Pagnol, using our M5 tracksuit which effortlessly matched the aesthetics of the bike.

Check out the rest of this elaborate build here and you can see more images of the shoot HERE (Work-Photos by SMD)

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