A former Art Center of Design ID teacher that loves Pagnol


Meeting creative moto riders by noticing their job title or website when their Pagnol order comes in, has become a usual thing here at Pagnol. Some of them even made it to our Pagnol creative series!

I went to the Art Center of Design in Pasadena Ca for a summer graphic design course many moons ago, and since then I learned of what a mecca of industrial design it has been, producing quite a few of the top moto and auto designers in the world today.

So when I noticed that new Pagnol customer Tim Huntzinger not only is a top industrial designer working as a lead designer at Kitty Hawk Aero but he was also a “teacher” of transportation industrial design at the ACD, I had to have him featured on Pagnol.

The email conversations begun, it was a no brainer for him and what better place to do his Pagnol photo shoot than at the ACD it self.

At the same time, I was working on finally doing the shoot of my good friend Michael La Fountain from Raccia Motorcycles for Pagnol AND of his stunning Honda CB750 build for Bike Exif. Michael being a fan of the ACD as well, we both knew it would also be a great set up for all this, killing 3 birds with one awesome stone, The Iconic Art Center of Design.

Having so many options out there, I am always curious to know what attracts riders to Pagnol, especially an ACD former teacher of transportation industrial design, so when I asked Tim he said:

I love Pagnol’s timeless designs with technical details that make its products perform like modern gear should. The fit is modern and comfortable and Pagnol’s sourced quality materials that patina beautifully and seem to last forever are second to none.

It has been and honor Tim!

Enjoy Tim’s gallery HERE and thank you!

Especial and extra thanks to Tim for setting this up at the ACD and thank you Art Center!

Paulo Rosas


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