Alice in Chains-Sean Kinney X Pagnol

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If you had the chance to read some of the Pagnol story’s chapters, you would know that initially, I moved to the USA to be a rock star! And one of the biggest influences for me was Alice in Chains.

Fast forward to the start of this year, I get an email connected by my good friend Kevin Murray from Velomacchi , from Alice in Chains’ manager, letting me know their drummer Sean Kinney is a fan of Pagnol and he is interested in getting his Pagnol gear….wow!

I mentioned my “music wardrobe” background to his manager as a note on how Pagnol’s design aesthetics and feel have a “rock background”! having done work with the likes of Marylin Manson, Korn and A in Cs’ close friend, the late Chris Cornell :(

Soon after, I met with Sean at their management offices in LA and the first thing he said as he walked in was: So you knew Chris? Yes, I worked in some of his clothing for personal and touring, and we talked about how he was such a cool guy, kind of quiet and chill.

But anyway, from there we talked about motorcycles, and of course, I was very curious to hear how he learned about Pagnol!

Initially, he met with another good friend of mine, Tony Prust from Analog Motorcycles. Seeing Tony’s M1 jacket, Sean was like: What is that cool jacket? Tony of course mentioned, Pagnol! TY Tony!

Being a fan of the new breed of cool moto gear, Sean later connected with Kevin who told Sean he knew me well and voila! There we were :)

2nd time we meet in Hollywood to deliver some of his gear, figure out what else he needed to be custom made, and got an W1 women’s jacket for his cool moto rider girlfriend!

3d time we met at the One show in Portland, an easy drive for a Seattle resident! hang out more with Tony, introduced him to Walt Siegl, Miguel Galluzzi, he saw the Oil in the blood documentary, and in short, soaking in more of OUR little moto world and was lovin it :)

Once the rest of his gear arrived, we scheduled a photo shoot at their rehearsals place and nearby in North Hollywood and in collaboration with another good friend! Michael La Fountain from Raccia Motorcycles.

So, from my beginnings in Mexico playing “Rock en Español”! To moving to LA, to hanging out at A in Cs’ rehearsal place, it was surreal! And to think that somebody whose work you admire now also likes what you do, double whammy!

In the past, I met a few other rock stars and celebrities, but of course, not all were nice :( , so it was very refreshing to get to know Sean some, super chill no BS and funny! but most important (Ha ha :), a big lover of our moto scene!

Check out the gallery HERE, you’ll see how rock and motorcycles go hand in hand!

Thank you

Paulo Rosas, Pagnol

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