One day I saw a bike I liked to post it as "bikes we love", then there it was at the 2017 Hand Built show, so cool!

Later in the year, I get an email from Jeff Shaw from Kick Moto , one of the best Canadian bike builders, wanting to do a collaboration with Pagnol for a photo shoot with airplanes, cars, cool architecture and an "actual story" for a video.

Sounds great I said, but which bike? Bam! it was "that" bike!  I guess I loved it so much I didn't even pay attention to who build it! 

We talked about the project, how it could not be "just another bike builder video in a greasy garage" (After Shinya Kimura's epic video all these became redundant! he he:). Jeff had a great idea and collaborators, they went to work and voila! they did an awesome job! Tastefully and cleverly featuring our M1A and M1 jackets. Enjoy the video named DEPARTURE below and the gallery here. Thank you.



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