Pagnol X Colfax Design Works

Adam-Colfax 23.jpg

Next up for our Pagnol creative riders, Adam Shock with his Pagnol M1 moto jacket, owner and designer of Colfax Design Works, a very cool backpacks brand and backpacks design studio in Orange County CA.

I initially met Adam when we first made the call for creative riders in late 2014! From there, instead of doing his feature, we started working on a backpack design for Pagnol, but due to our philosophy of “if it is something we can find in the market, don’t do it!”, there are quite a few cool BPs out there that we like, including CFW’s of course, so we dropped that project, remained friends but always with the “we have to do your Pagnol feature Adam!” conversation :)

Well finally, here it is! and it was good this happened later than sooner in this case, as back then his motorcycle was not something that especial, but today he happens to be riding this awesome Ural in military green!

Enjoy his gallery HERE and again, check out his products at Colfax Design Works.


Paulo Rosas


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