Here's as cool story in hopes to inspire you to prepare your self, pursue your dreams and sometimes, "just ask". 

Prior to Pagnol, I started my design and marketing studio , in which I was doing from gear to livery design for moto companies and teams (Today it has expanded to marketing, photography and more). One of my biggest accomplishments was to do the livery design for the MotoGP team Aspar for their 2014 and 2015 seasons. Many people asked me: How did you do that!? The answer includes the usual, talent, preparation, perseverance, patience and timing but also, the main ingredient in this case, doing the unthinkable, "just ask", and ask and ask.

Once I knew I had the talent and preparation ( Very good work to present, which took a few "case studies", a club racer's and an AMA supersport team's livery designs), being able to get in the MotoGP paddock (Long story, but I "made it happen" ), I just approached several teams in person! , Hello, my name is Paulo Rosas, I am a racing livery designer (Barely!) with a studio in the USA, here is some of my work (I had a small printed portfolio on hand, again, preparation!), let me know if you ever need some of this type of work for your team, here is my card and may I have yours? 

There is roughly 30 racing teams between MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3. ONE of them, after two years of me coming back to them said: Ok, can you do a proposal for us for our 2014 season? no promises, but let's see what you can do.

Oh shit! (I said to my self), be careful what you wish for!

I worked on it, it was the 1.5 million euros Honda "customer" GP bike "only" but I was happy to be designing over that canvas! 

Turned it in and the loved it! After that I did the truck and garage and a few more teams for other seasons in moto 3 and different championships. I went from a club racer, to AMA supersport to the top, MotoGP! Ok one things leads to another but that jump was bit crazy.

Cool fun stuff, but as great or better, was to end up being good friends with Gino Borsoi, the Aspar GP team manager that gave me the chance and his girlfriend Majo (Maria Jose) Botella, marketing and logistics for the team. 

Also the chance to meet Jorge Martinez, Aspar team owner and GP legend and Nicky Hayden who was riding for them those years.

Knowing that Gino is a big auto enthusiast (He is even a shifter Karts racer) and he knowing about Pagnol, the two worlds came together at this last Austin's GP round and had a chance to photograph him with the M1A auto jacket he requested. 

Gracias por todo Gino, Majito! 

Paulo Rosas