We are extremely honored to have been chosen by the endurance powerboat racing team (And auto enthusiast) All Black Racing as part of their team uniform with our M1A auto jacket, how cool is that!? , a racing team with no big logos or sponsor patches all over their uniform AND a cool leather jacket, that's what I call style! (No, not the actual "racing on the boat uniform" :). The world is changing, is part of our values and is great when people on this same page connect and collaborate. 

Check out John Ryan, the team driver and manager's gallery with his Maserati Grand Turismo and his M1A auto jacket here . Order your M1A auto jacket HERE. Spring and Fall lower hemisphere nights are still perfect for this light weight jacket.

The following is an interview from their Red Bull magazine article by Greg Stuart:

The Allblack Racing team are going after a full 11 offshore ocean endurance long distance and speed records.

Powerboat racing, while not on the radar of many motorsport fans, is actually one of the most brutal racing forms going, with crews withstanding impacts of up to 30G – and with no suspension more sophisticated than their glutei maximi.

This powerboat team with a very big couple of years ahead of them is the Irish-based Allblack Racing squad. The team have set themselves the goal of going after a full 11 UIM (that’s Union Internationale Motonautique, natch) offshore ocean endurance long distance and speed records in three years.

The boat they’ll be using is the Allblack SL44, their specially-adapted craft that, thanks to a pair of turbocharged diesel engines, pumps out a whopping 1,120 horsepower – that's more than an F1 car!

Click here to see the full interview and check out their promotional video.