The One Moto Show 2019 essay

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Huge Moto X Zero motorcycles concept bike

This was The One Moto show’s 10th anniversary! I been going there for 4 years now. Pagnol was there when they first started having vendors 4 years ago. It was outside on the parking lot of their previous venue and you know how cold and rainy Portland is in February!? So it wasn’t the best experience as a brand, but it was still cool to be there for the first time feeling things out.

For the next year, they already had a great improvement plan for vendors to be a “real part of the show”, integrated inside their new much bigger venue, and it was still so cold! But we had no need for a our branded “canopy” by being inside, things looked better that way for the whole event. We were next to Velomacchi and Hedon, and a cool shared space with my good friend Fabrice from Stylmartin USA, good company!

The third year it was the same deal but SM and Pagnol were in the front room, a good spot, but I started to wonder if this “brand awareness and sales” strategy is getting a bit old? We sell ok, but that is not really the point, the main point would be “for more people learn about the existence of Pagnol”, but in the end, not many of “the right people” like you reading this right now really learn about the brand! possibly 1,2% of the whole event.

I know assisting these events still has value for Pagnol, but in a more organic way, mainly just “enjoying, moving around it freely to then report it to YOU”! in a well photographed way and this short story about it, as the type of bikes we see there ARE one of the parts of Pagnol’s culture.

So enjoy the gallery and thank you for checking this out!

Paulo RosasComment