The 2018 Quail Motorcycle Gathering X Pagnol

Last year, I did a casual photoshoot of the QMG. They like it so much that this year they asked me to be the official photographer for the entire weekend! Such a cool gig shooting one of the most prestigious and diverse events of the year.

This year, I also had the chance to assist for the Friday morning ride. I was not riding a motorcycle, but being in a car gave me the chance to document the experience quite well.

Saturday, showtime! Friends, bikes, bikes and more bikes of all kinds of styles (One of the great things about this event), and being specially proud of our roomate for the weekend, Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles taking home the "best design" award and one of our Pagnol customers with his M1 jacket taking the "best custom Ducati Monster" award as the moster was turning 25! but I like to let the images do the talking! Enjoy. TQMG2018-Gallery

TQMG2018 134.jpg
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