Pagnol's Aprilia RSV4 FW SSTK1

I love all types of motorcycle riding, urban (I only had a bike as a menas of transportation, by choice, for over 4 years! 44k miles :), used to do lots of Enduro and Motocross, I had my chopper time (Although I never owned one!) but when I first went to an asphalt track with my Buell M2 Cyclone (Not the ideal bike, but it had to do!) and although road racing always seemed to me, well, boring! No jumps? no fun I thought, I felt in love with wheels and engine and asphalt, and harder than with any of the previous moto disciplines!

Coming from urban and canyon riding, it can be perfectly compared to what I always say:

The street and canyons are "making out", the track is GOING ALL THE WAY! Imagine that!?

But riding on the Buell at the track next to "real track bikes", even 600s passing me by like I was stopped, this made me go: I want THAT! So I got a yamaha R6 for a few years to get better, until one day I low sided, but the bike after "high" sided!. I used the insurance to put it back together and after trying a GXR 1000 and going: I want THAT! I sold the R6 and got something smaller and lighter for a liter bike at the time, a Honda CBR 1000RR 2008! THE best handling then. 

Of course, as time and tech moved on, I waited and waited...and waited years and years for Honda to upgrade this bike, or even hoping for them to come out with a V4 superbike, but, they didn't! So, my other love was: The Aprilia RSV4

To make things even way more attractive, Aprilia came out with an awesome "race program", selling race ready RSV4s of 4 different levels, but this was meant to be for "race teams"! Not regular human beings like my self! Still, I reached out to them and no problem!

This is great because why buy a "street stock bike", take off 6k of nontrack parts and add another 6k in track parts! Makes no sense for a track only bike!

I got the RSV4 FW (Factory works) SSTK1 (Superstock 1- the most basic but still awesome and more than I can handle level! as the SSTK2 has features that need mechanics to run them etc)

This was also at a great great time because the 2017 version is THE best RSV4 ever, it comes with an upgraded digital dash, clutchless shifting up and down, and a few other upgrades. Last, top it all off, knowing well Miguel Galuzzi, the designer of..oh, just the Ducati Moster amongst many others and of course, the RSV4! I got him to sign the tank before the clear coat for the paint job, Gracias Che! Making it the only designer signed RSV4 in the world :)) So here it is,  enjoy the gallery! (Notes: It needs "black" wheels-rims"!) In case you wonder, the awesome clean and small carbon can is my favorite exhausts brand, SC-Project, TY guys! Livery design by yours truly


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