Pagnol X Turo user and geriatric medical practitioner


Next up for our Pagnol entrepreneurs features, a cars fleet owner and geriatric medical practitioner ( An elderly health care practitioner never looked this good!) from Denver Co, Micah Huntzinger.

Yup, as you may or may not know by now, these features cover a wide range of lifestyles that share the common denominator of what is like to ride motorcycles and of that culture.

Micha has been riding for over 13 years, with 9 different Ducatis (Yes! 9!), 7 Buells, 2 Hondas and MV Agusta and a Moto Guzzi, that’s 20 different bikes. Yes, he is a true moto rider.

So when a rider of this enthusiasm has chosen our gear, it is always a big honor.

In his own words:

“I've been looking for a heirloom quality moto jacket for awhile and kept returning jackets that aren't what I expected. I've already oiled up this jacket because it was immediately recognizable as the kind that would wear into exactly what I was looking and it was so hard to find.”

Check out his gallery of self portraits and by friend Brittney Wahl HERE

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Paulo Rosas

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