Pagnol x Moto journalist Tadashi Kono

Next up for our Pagnol creative rider series, top moto journalist from Japan Tadashi Kono.

Tadashi works with the some of the top moto magazines in Japan and he is just one of those nice guys known all over the industry. We are honored to have him.

Check out the rest of his awesome gallery HERE shot by top motorsports photographer Hiromitsu Yasui and his interview below. So honored to also have HIM shoot for Pagnol! Domo Arigato guys!

What bike do you have?
ーUntil now? Yamaha SR400, XJ400D, RZ250, FJ1100, TT-R250, MotoGuzzi 1000s, MotoGuzzi LeMans III(for racetrack), Vespa PX125. I've been riding on MotoGuzzi 1000s since over 20 years ago.

What did you do before working as a motorcycle journalist?
ーAfter the graduate of university, I used be work at sales department of the fashion company. But I began to considered that I would like to work with involved the motorcycle. Then I quit the job, After a while I've started working as an apprentice in a editorial office of motorcycle magazine. I've learned a lot of things about how to make a magazine, photographs, editorial design, and jounal and more in there. And then, I became a freelance editor and motorcycle journalist.  I've been to working as freelance for over 20 years.

Wow that's a lot of years doing what you love, congratulations!

What are some of the magazines you write for?
ー It is many. In Japan, there are over 40 motorcycle magazines. Not all, but I have relationship to almost magazine. Sometimes I receive a order to make a article from them, and sometimes propose a article to them from me.

And I've been to support some motorcycle manufacturer. It is sometime PR activities, and sometime making articles for official web site. The BMW R nineT Custom Project Japan is the one of them.

What difference do you think there is with a car journalist?
ー The both is same. The motorcycle journalist totally different from car journalist, I guess. The both have to consider not only product, also the strategy of each manufacturers and the market. But motorcycle journalist have to have more strong passion to the motorcycle culture.

Japanese people are very passionate about everything they get into! love that, so how do you compare the scene in Japan to the rest of the world?
ーExactly, Japanese people might be passionate about everything. Especially the attention to details is intense. Also, Japanese don't like to explain about it too much.

I know! ha ha and most are very humble!

But they should communicate positively to many people and widely convey their mind. In my opinion, the important thing is the balance of a details and wholes.

Well said

What new trends do you see coming?
ーThe custom motorcycle scene will be more sporty. The motorcycle is active. Not only gaze in the show. Ride on the mountain road,  contend the speed……the style that was born there is beautiful.

That is what Pagnol is about, more the well performing "ride" then the bike! But don't get me wrong, we also love "great design", but then again, good design comes from a form following a from-performance! Domo!


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