Luftgekühlt 4-Air cooled Porsche gathering 2017

It was a tricky busy weekend! The Quail Motorcycle Gathering May 6th in Carmel, CA. then the Luftgekuhlt 4 Porsche event on the 7th, 340 miles, 5 1/2 hrs (IF non stop) away in San Pedro, CA for the next day!? AND to top it all off, the Luftgekuhlt was from 7am to 2pm! This meant I had to leave Cramel at 6am the latest to be in San Pedro at around noon for the last 2 hrs of the event, so I did!

I've never been to the Luftgekuhlt, I heard so much about it and it was well worth it. Besides, one of the two founders, Howie Idelson, used to be a co-worker of mine back 4, 5 years ago in the semi corporate world. Even back then, I knew he was a very talented creative director/designer, so I am not surprised he and his partner now present this mega tasteful event. Back then he was already planning his event and I was already planning Pagnol!

Howie is also and ex shifter Kart champion and now his son is literally taking the lead in that racing world, so I bumped into him at Willow Springs Raceway recently when I was at a motorcycle trackway at the big track and he was with his son racing at a Kart championship round at the the smaller track. He mentioned the date of the event and I was ready to go even then!

This event of course goes hand in hand with our M1A auto jacket, part of the reason to share this opportunity I had to shoot some amazing cars and event with you, enjoy!

One of the stars of the show, Porsche 1951 356 SL Gmund Cupe

Car designer in the making 

Racing, our first love

The interior spirit of a tastefully done event

Ted Gushue, Editorial Director at Petrolicious with his Pagnol M1A jacket

The exterior spirit of a tastefully done event

Aaaand, one cool motorcycle