Next up for our entrepreneur riders series, we have Max Toste and Aaron Sanders, restauranteurs out of Boston, Ma. USA with their restaurants Deep Ellum and Lone Star Taco Bar. Max with his M1 jacket and Aaron with one of 50 M2 in the dirty cream color, shot by Paul Yem, check out the rest of their gallery here!

Lets see what they have to say about being entrepreneur-riders in their interview:

What did you do before becoming full time restauranteurs? 

Before we opened our place, Aaron had been managing bars in Cambridge and before that Boston. He was raised around the restaurant business since his dad had a family restaurant back in Texas. 

I had been a professional touring musician since my late teens and bounced between the restaurant/bar business and the music business until my late twenties.

I met Aaron at the bar he was managing in Boston when I applied for a part time job and we ended up working together for 3 1/2 years.

What made you do the jump to have your own business?

After successfully working together and building a solid business for other owners, we wanted to do our own thing our own way. We had a vision of something different than what was available in Boston at that time. We opened our first bar Deep Ellum in 2007.

Same for me and Pagnol! I did design work for other brands but none had MY vision, so I did it!

What relationship do you see in being a Moto rider and business owner? 

The freedom that comes with riding is hard to explain. Owning your own business and being your own boss is a combination of risks, rewards, responsibility and freedom that is very akin to the independence of riding. Not to mention that when riding I can be focused on the riding and be off the grid. It's a chance to be free from the stresses of the daily operations of business ownership.

Love this! Of course! the moto freedom IS the same as a biz owner freedom! freedom is freedom right!? I believe is one of the reasons moto riders are by default, entrepreneurs! even if they don't know it! But freedom, ironically, is not  "free"! one has to work/create it! 

But do you also think true Moto riders might have a fearless personality for doing their own biz?

Owning your own business and being your own boss takes balls. Riding a motorcycle takes balls. They sort of go hand and hand.

I know! Thank you guys!





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