Earle Motors X The Pagnol M3 leather pants

Next up for our featured creative riders, for the 2nd time, Alex Earle from Earle Motors and designer at Ducati with his M1 jacket and M3 leather pants.

Alex has a special place in Pagnol's heart because he was THE very first "moto (And auto) designer-builder-creative" we featured for this whole "creative riders" idea we started mid 2014. We were both fairly unknown and we have come a long way separately and together ever since!

Alex and Pagnol share a parallel universe in the way of having accomplished a "name" out of very little but great timeless design, quality of design vs quantity. Pagnol initially with just one jacket model, the M1. But even now with just 4 product models in 2 1/2 years (Most brands would have at least 15 to 20 by now!) And Alex with one of the most versatile and on a legue of its own bike designs-builds, his Bike Exif top 10 bike of the year Ducati Monster Street Tracker,  which has even been praised by the Monster's own designer Miguel Galuzzi.

For this feature, we did a cool photo shoot at Willow Springs Raceway during a Ramming Speed vintage trackday. Speaking of Alex's bike versatility, the bike can be used as a dirt flat tracker to an asphalt beast with 17" rims and slicks! As shown on Alex's gallery here. We hope to see the kits for sale in the near future! The bike is not a "cafe racer" or a "scrambler" etc, it is its own thing! 

Alex has been wearing the hell out of his M3 leather pants for the STREET! Please note that these are NOT "track" pants!

 Get yours here!

Thank you Alex! Let's keep the "ride" going!

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