We are very honored to have on our next creative and entrepreneur riders features, One of the founders of CROIG (Cafe Racers Of Instagram). One of the signature features of CROIG, is the Daft Punk style anonymity of its two featured founders, so of course we'll keep it like that in this case.

CROIG recently hit the massive 800K followers mark, making it one of the most influential online platforms for moto brands, plus it now has its own builds and events, but its future is starting to go beyond all this, as its own brand and for the motorcycle industry in general, not just the cafe racer scene.

Check out his interview and awesome gallery done by Pagnol's own, Paulo Rosas from Speed Machines Design with this gorgeous Earle Motors bike!


What did you do before CROIG? 


I worked as a health coach at a local corporate cube farm while daydreaming about motorcycles.


Is it now all you do? a full time biz?


Yes it is, I work on CROIG everyday. We've been pushing out bike builds, growing CROIG as a brand, throwing events with our shop mates (@themotocollective), working with other brands on content creation, and traveling around the country on motorcycle as often as possible. All of this would not have been possible without the help of some very talented people that I am lucky to call my friends. You know who you are!


Nothing gets done by "one" person! 


What made you do "the jump" and what was the inspiration behind it? 


I made the jump when my business partner Andy (@croig.builds) decided to go down to the Southwest to get more riding in before the winter. I had just finished up at a local advertising agency and figured I had nothing to lose. Over the next 3.5 weeks we rode around on our 1976 Honda CB550's and met up with people from the motorcycle community. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences I've had, to be welcomed with open arms by people who we had never met but shared the same love for two wheels.


So CROIG is basically and "extension" of you guy's "moto lifestyle" that we all get to see! VERY cool and yup, from my experience, the moto community is one with the most easy going and helpful , with some exceptions of course!


How has that goal evolved into something for the future? 


Well, is no surprise to us that our love for two wheels is already expanding beyond "Cafe Racers" with CROIG. The initial goal of supporting the motorcycle community by showcasing what's going on around the world, has evolved into CROIG becoming its own brand with plans to release new clothing and motorcycle parts in the near future.


What relationship do you see in being a Moto rider and business owner? 


I think that would be taking risks. We choose to get on our bikes knowing the unforeseen danger/risks that could happen, the same applies to being a business owner.  What makes it worthwhile is the experience of being free, as an entrepreneur or as a rider. It's a very rewarding feeling when you find yourself on a beautiful road or with business, when you see the success that you've created through hard work. If you don't take risks, you'll never know what you're capable of achieving. 


Exactly! "One can never know until we try"!


Do you also think true Moto riders might have a fearless personality for doing their own biz? 




Thank you!



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