Pagnol in Mongolia

Khövsgöl- To the one who taught us about nature.
A film by Remi Chapeaublanc in Mongolia. 



We are extremely proud to present, Pagnol's creative rider, photographer and film maker Remi Chapeaublanc's latest film,                                                                                      

Khövsgöl-To the one who taught us about nature.

 Directed by Remi and co-produced by Pierre Baussaron | Miyu Production and featuring our M1 jacket.                                  

We can tell you how beautiful and well done it is, but why not let the images do the talking, take a look HERE. He is also known for being featured on                       Who are you? Portrait of a photographer  
Which is one of our all time favorite moto-lifestyle videos. 

We will be doing more and more of these kind of efforts to promote moto riding in general for all, regardless if you like and own our products or not,                       spread the word! 



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