Greasy Hands Preacher movie premier

"The Greasy Hands Preacher" promises to be a good motorcycle film, featuring the likes of Shinya Kimura, Roland Sands, Deus and El Solitario, about the revival of manual work though the passion for motorcycles (Revival?? humm?) . Sounds good, except that I just saw the video of the movie "premier". 

I'd like to express that we here at Pagnol are not interested in the phenomenon of having any celebrity "validate" our product. I know we live in a "what celebrities say, do or wear goes" society. It's a fact of life that celebrities in most cases do increase the sales of a product (in some cases they do the opposite), but we are not here just to "make a buck" with the use of a proven path to marketing.  Life is not all about that, is it?  One of the things I like about the moto industry in general is that they don't often use the celebrity formula to promote a product, most use an athlete such as Rossi, etc.  What concerns us here at Pagnol is the motorcycle industry, not the fashion industry.

How does being a celebrity/actor actress make you an authority in motorcycle products? They would probably answer "we don't claim to be one", they are just "big fans", they own a few bikes, they've been riding for "years" (or really, just started).

So what. We've been riding for years too.  Perhaps being famous gives you access to being in-the-know, a little closer to what's cool?  If this was the case, it would be of no interest to a real moto enthusiast whether something is on "trend" or not.  In reality it is quite the opposite, by the time a celebrity gets a hold of something, most likely this has been around for a while! as they live in a bubble disconnected from the real world. Motorcycling has long been part of our lifestyle, the real world from which the true motorcycle spirit stems from.

And not to say that if you have just discovered riding, through big media (or because of a celebrity) it doesn't make you a "real rider". You are still welcome to enjoy "the ride".  But forget about the hype.  The trendy looks, guys playing dress up of bygones, who end up looking looking like replicas of an appearance that when it first started was....NEW and had substance based on performance and innovation.

We at Pagnol strive to create self-validated, innovative and timeless products now, on our own terms.  This Executed by quality construction, authentic branding, ethical company culture, and beautiful design. When you see it, you'll know it.

So if you happen to see a "celebrity" wearing Pagnol, it's because they bought it just like any other rider out there. If we want anyone to "validate" our product, it would be from a true motorcycle authority to a person in the creative fields and most important : YOU 


Paulo RosasComment