Pagnol is the creation of Paulo Rosas and James Yang. The brand's design was initially created by Paulo, designer-owner of . Later Pagnol and the first M1 jacket resulted from a crazy series of intersecting interests with James, owner of . Although the M1 jacket is geared towards the everyday rider, the founders of Pagnol happened to meet at a track day at Willow Springs International Race Way. They began talking and realized they shared a common vision.

They both wanted to create product with a tasteful, modern yet  timeless feel and with a slim fit.

They had spent years researching and working on a very similar goal separately!  So the next natural step was to  combined talents and resources.

Between them at Pagnol, they have design experience in MotoGP, AMA and CEV Repsol, moto apparel design, fashion design,  industry media, custom motorcycles and industry retail. This has proven to be a very complimentary collaboration.

After a few iterations, they arrived at the M1 jacket, the culmination of several calculated design decisions. Later the M2 was created as a more modern/architectural version of the M1. Expect more well thought out product to come out year by year.

Thank you to the guys at Saint for their great moto kevlar chino pants on the M2 photo shoot!

And to our friend Johann Wolf for his  great photographic work! 

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SMD: Creative direction, design, marketing and PR.

Site design,  technical,  and biz consulting/development.