Here is your chance to win up to 2 jackets and 2 T-shirts on our next giveaway and have some fun while you are at it!

The 1st prize is an M1 and an M2 jackets (both with armor included) and 2 T-shirts.

2nd prize:  An M2 jacket with armor and 1 T-shirt. All you have to do for this one is fill in the survey! 

  • Click HERE to take the survey when you are done reading.

In order to win the 1st prize,  complete the survey below and make a 2 to 4 minutes YouTube video answering the following questions: 

(The title has to have "Pagnol Giveaway" in it. )

  1. What do you like about Pagnol? 
  2. What does riding a motorcycle mean to you? 

 Examples: Do you have an interesting or inspiring story about yourself related to motorcycling and you life? , Has it changed your life and how?  Why should people ride motorcycles ? What are people missing from riding a motorcycle? etc.

Send the video link to  and be sure to complete the survey HERE .

The idea is not just to promote Pagnol, but to collectively promote “motorcycle riding” as a whole through the power of your personal experiences. So make them fun! They can be done with anything from your smart phone to a RED digital camera system.  The content is more important!

We will post the top 20 entries on our coming  Pagnol YouTube page.

The winner for the 1st prize will be selected by the Pagnol owners. However he or she won't be eligible to win both prices. If you made a video and did not win the 1st prize, you will still have a chance to win the  2nd prize.

The winner for the 2nd price will be selected by an electronic random system per the giveaway rules HERE.

You have until December 13th! 


Thank you for your participation!

And, while you are here take a tour of our site!