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The Pagnol M5 tracksuits for track or canyon riding did not make the cut to be produced at the moment, however, we made a deal with our factory to produce 20 of them! Place your order by Dec 12th! Click "add to cart" at the bottom of this text, check out then email us for your size!

Introducing, the Pagnol M5 track suit, a return to clean track suit aesthetics, with today’s features, construction standards and a touch of modern design.

A tribute to the days of pure racing; no big brand or sponsor logos, minimal and understated, achieving the elusive goal of being easily worn with everything from vintage to modern bikes which is the beauty of Pagnol gear.

The M5 is for the canyon, track day or club racing rider who isn’t there to advertise for sponsors. It both honors the past and heralds the future.

#1 We wanted a track suit with modern features and today's construction for real protection but that went back to the days of pure racing, when there was no big brand or sponsor logos and they were all black!

#2 In literally Pagnol fashion, we knew it had to be done with the elusive goal of it being able to be worn with a variety of bikes from vintage to retro to modern which is the beauty of Pagnol gear.

#3 For the vintage to retro riders in particular, it is a pity to us to see them with unmatched, overtly modern and brightly colored suits! Or, they are instead riding with real vintage suits with no back hump, no modern construction techniques or updated protection. So we wanted to create a great matching option with a retro feel but with modern protection and features such as an aerodynamic back hump, kevlar, proper stitching, etc.



-1.2 mm abrasion tested leather
-1/4” Extra external shoulder padding
-SAS-TEC inner armor for shoulders, elbows and knees
(Wearing a back protector and padded shorts for hips and tailbone is recommended) 
-Accordion stretch panels for back, back waist, elbows and knees
-The upper legs seams are engineered away from the impact zones
-Double stitching throughout
-Detachable breathable mesh lining, 
-Knee sliders. 
-Aerodynamic back hump with a perforated upper section for ventilation
-3/8” binding on collarless neck for comfort and retro feel. 
-Modern design lines through out. 
-Stretch Kevlar in key areas: Under arms, Crotch and behind the knees.


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